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Jul 06, 2012


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ppl who deliberately try to destroy others will some day destroy themselves..it will happen someday.If not now in long term cos such ppls intentions & actions both are bad.You don't have to regret as your intentions and actions both are good. Its just that you are unable to express to the other person that how you feel about them.Even if you try to tell, you will be made to feel even more guilty. So just stay calm ..let the things settle first.Then everything will be clear


Yeah, I know. Karma gets to everyone in the end. I firmly believe that and I'll never stop believing in it either.

But I'm never made to feel guilty. My guy is not one of the 'bad' people I'm talking about. He's the most wonderful person in the whole universe. It's just that sometimes I can be pretty dumb and I do know that I hurt people, even unintentionally. Sometimes I wish that didn't happen, but if it does, then I'd just like to make it better as soon as possible :)

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